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An entire exhibition of 67 works framed by the team at Out of the Blue Fabrications specifically to house Magnum Photographers exhibition, Where Ideas Are Born. Initially loaned to Compton Verney Art Gallery showcased from 2nd June - 16th October 2022 and currently on tour, due to be on display at Aberdeen Art Gallery in Spring 2023.

If you're from an institution considering this exhibition then get in touch to discuss hiring this fleet of high spec. bespoke frames and save the planet as well as you're budget. 


This fascinating exhibition will go in search of the places where creativity takes shape and where ideas are born – the artist’s studio. The show brings together more than 20 Magnum photographers and includes over 80 photo portraits of the artists who created art history in the 20th-century.

In a series of revealing and characteristic images, artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, Francis Bacon, Ai Weiwei and Yayoi Kusama can all be seen in their creative environments. These range from the cramped ateliers of the Parisian avant-garde at the beginning of the 20th-century, to the American pop artists’ New York lofts, and the highly professional, capacious studios of the international stars of the contemporary art market. The photographs, taken by such photographers as Martin Parr, Inge Morath, and Abbas, are the result of an attempt to capture the precise moments when the spark of creativity takes hold, and new ideas are born.

For more information from Magnum click here.

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