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Dorset Install 26.jpg

Out of the Blue Fabrications is excited to announce the opening of Dorset Museum in May 2021. Where we helped to install over 4,000 objects and artworks into their new multi-million pound redeveloped world-class contemporary museum and exhibition space. 

Not only did we install a multitude of artworks, objects and specimens we have also crafted over 80 beautiful and bespoke picture frames some of which can be seen in their beautiful new café.

"Dorset County Museum closed in October 2018 for a multi-million pound redevelopment. Complete with new galleries, a learning centre, collections storage, a library and visitor facilities the new Museum will become a cultural destination at the heart of Dorset’s community.

Our aim is simple – Making Dorset Proud with a world-class contemporary museum and exhibition space, complete with new galleries, learning centre, collections storage, library and visitor facilities including a café and shop".


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