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CVX 18.jpg
CVX 13.jpg
CVX 16.jpg
Photograph above by: Kwasi Selas
CVX 14.jpg
Photograph above by: Kwasi Selas
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CVX 15.jpg

CVX Festival
Coventry City of Culture 2021

Working with festival producers and Coventry Trust, Out of the Blue Fabrications provided curatorial assistance, technical production support and print production services for an entire exhibition. Showcasing artworks made by commissioned artists for the Barriers to Bridges project and as part of the CVX Festival the Pop Up Gallery exhibition showcased at The Box in Fargo Village, Coventry.

The exhibition consisted of photographic and film works from four artists, using our high quality photographic reproduction facilities we were able to offer a fully integrated exhibition service.

If you have a project you need support on, get in touch today to see how we can help.

CVX 17.jpg
Photograph above by: Kwasi Selas
CVX 10.jpg
Photograph above by: Kwasi Selas
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