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We offer design and fabrication solutions to safely and securely display your art with style. We can work with you to help realise your ideas, design and then construct them.  From large scale multiple projection screen cinema rooms right down to small vitrines we can cover it all. We work with a variety of clients, from Artists to Collectors, Galleries and Arts Institutions.


Regular requested fabrications include:


  • Freestanding Exhibition Wall systems

  • Cinema/ Installation Spaces

  • Plinths

  • Lidded Plinths

  • Vitrines/ showcases

  • Floating Shelves

  • Display boxes

  • Gallery furniture

  • Artwork transit crates and travel frames (T-frames)

  • Bespoke trolleys

  • Gallery skates

Our team of experienced designers and fabricators thrive on

new challenges and experimenting with materials so feel free

to challenge us to make something new.

It is one of our companies key objectives to; think, source

and create sustainably, considering the environment and

the impact our presence has on the world around us.

We offer a full removal and recycle service on all of our custom builds so get in touch with us today to discuss your project.

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