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Here at Out of the Blue Fabrications we are dedicated to reducing waste and the environmental impact our industry creates. That's why we work hard to bring our clients a more sustainable approach to their fabrications and exhibition builds.


We offer all of our clients the opportunity to have recycled materials used (where possible) within their constructions at no detriment to the quality or finished aesthetic whilst also providing them with a 10% discount for commissioning a greener build. We are committed to the environment and high-quality fabrications and believe neither should be a detriment to each other.

As part of our initiative we offer; arts organisations, artists and domestic clients the opportunity to have their materials removed for repurposing at no extra charge. Not only saving them the cost of waste removal, skip hire but as an encouragement for a greener way of working we will also offer them a 10% discount on their next fabrication job with us. 

If you are interested in donating materials to our scheme we offer a free collection service for all items we deem possible to recycle and certification of the volume of goods reclaimed demonstrating you’re commitment to saving the planet.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your next project.

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Here are some of the wonderful clients we've worked with who have embraced this greener way of working:

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