Out of the Blue Fabrications is a specialist company dedicated to providing high quality fabrications and installations in the arts and wider cultural sector. Our team of expert designers, carpenters, welders, frame makers, art handlers and 3D producers are committed to working with clients to realise and actualise their ideas.


Our team of creative makers all have extensive experience of working in museums, art galleries and at cultural events. Out of the Blue Fabrications was originally established by Taz Lovejoy in 2017 and has grown into a family that works with major arts institutions, private collectors, design studios and directly with artists.


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Our mission is to work seamlessly with our clients to be a conduit for their arts, we strive for only the very best in quality in our end products and won’t rest until we know our clients are satisfied. Everything we do is unique and bespoke for our clients and our relationship with you is important, just email us or fill out the Contact Us below to find out more.

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We work with some of the the best galleries, cultural venues and Artists in the U.K and beyond.